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   Numbers : FB0001-1
Name : Facial Brush
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Detailed descriptions

Facila brush with Metal Handle

Facial brush was made in natural nylon hair adopting the Japanese technology. Advanced skin deep cleaning is more achievable for face and neck part, which gently exfoliate dead skin while stimulating blood circulation to help tone your skin. Skin is left feeling smoother and younger. Facial brush is your best choice for all skin types.

There are lots of dust and dirt in the air, it will be penetrates deeply in your skin, making most of the woman more rely on the cosmetics, however, the usual way to wash your face can not eliminates impurities and unclogs pores, and after a long-term accumulation, it may cause imperfection prone and enlarged pores skin.

"DELONG” facial brush is special made to solve this problem, the brush head is handmade by high grade material, using your suitable face wash foaming allover the face and neck, and washing out the impurities completely from the pores, and gently isolates dead skin cells & debris for better cleansing results and making your skin more comfortable.

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